Friday, December 09, 2005

Dumb stuff I hear on TV

On one of those TV home shows, a homeowner says "we have a large amount of books" -- I see two short bookshelves.... sure, they are full, but I have more books out from the library than they have... eek

dumasses, they don't know a "large amount of books" until they look at my home office, my work office, Jason's office and the Dissertation Chamber (spare bedroom, done as a library.... 6 tall IKEA bookcases in there, plus 3 other tall bookcases and many shorter ones around here.... bitch, we have a "large amount of books"...

go lay down by your dish.


Anonymous said...

It disturbs me greatly that someone who professes to TEACH philosophy would even comment on the use of the word "large" in this context. Large is a relative term, not a specific value or absolute. Much of the rest of the garbage on your blog only further contributes to the cesspool which constitutes modern US education.

Might I suggest a course or 6 in logic?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

May i suggest that you fuck off???

I also teach logic, and your comment isn't exactly logical. The whole point of the post was to point out that the dumb woman on TV doesn't know what a "large" amount of books actually IS--- at least not as compared to the number of books we have here.

I'm not sure what your problem is, or why you wrote the comment -- but, don't bother agains because I really couldn't care less what you think.