Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Up North

Hubby and I went to my mom's in Isabella to celebrate Christmas this weekend -- it was an interesting trip, filled with the normal family things... Mom, Ron, the TV, cigarette smoke, dogs, cats etc...

On the way up the following happened -- it is a kind of typical up north situation -- and necessary in a place that is cold and dark for much of the year...

Hubby and I were driving the Jeep up highway 1. We see flashing hazzard lights on the other side of the road and people moving in front of them. We stop to help -- turns out they had a flat tire and need a ride into town (where we just came from... about 15 miles back toward the cities..).

To give them a ride we needed to pull off the road so we could move stuff to the cargo area from the back seat... hubby pulled a bit too far off the road, and we were in a snowbank... and slipping... every time he would try to get us out, we'd go farther in the ditch.

We tried to get out of the ditch for a couple of minutes, until the next vehicle down the road also stopped. Thank God it was a snowplow with a tow strap...

They pulled us out of the ditch, we turned around and gave the flat tire people a ride -- and all was well.

I do love the north woods.

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