Friday, June 11, 2010

Some identities revealed...

When I started this blog -- long, long ago, I tried to protect my identity. Many folks who know me in real life figured it out long ago. One of the reasons I did it was so that I could, if I wanted to, complain about dissertation/advisor stuff. Turns out I had nothing to complain about -- I know I'm lucky :).

So, while I'm not going to post my name -- because I don't want Google to find me or Hubby -- I'll reveal some new details --

Red State is Nebraska. The "red" is both political and "Go Big Red" is the common sports cheer.

My new Ph.D. is from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The only option for a philosophy Ph.D. in the area -- and, it turns out -- a pretty decent choice regardless of the rankings.

BNState is Minnesota. Because it's big and northern.

BNCC -- if anybody cares -- is Century College. It's in a suburb of the Twin Cities.

With this information, if you wanted to dig around a bit and play connect the dots, you could figure out who I am --but, really -- don't you have something better to do with your on-line time? :) --- I hear Farmville is fun, they pictures of cute kitties out there and stuff... and there's always porn ;).

BN University is the University of Minnesota -- although, as I was teasing Hubby -- when Iowa invades he'll be a 2L at Very Northern Iowa University.

Not like it's really all that interesting -- or secret -- but, I don't have a good reason to keep it a secret anymore.

Oh yea -- "The Queen's" real name is Tera -- "The Minion" is Spock. I think I'll otherwise protect their on-line identities... I hear you have to watch out for kitty porn.

... so, go about your day with the happy image of me driving from Omaha to the Twin Cities today in my little brown Corolla, enjoying the wide varieties of green in Iowa -- and grinning from ear to ear.


The History Enthusiast said... are closer to me than I thought! I don't try and locate people who wish to remain anonymous, but I live in a red state as well and know we tend to congregate in the Midwest and West.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I actually wouldn't mind being contacted by a blog friend -- it's just potential employers who don't know me... I don't want them knowing my thoughts or medical issues.

The History Enthusiast said...

I always err on the side of being too safe, since I hate it when people try to find who I am :) I like to be respectful.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

A while back I had a real quandary -- I'd accidentally found a very anonymous blog by a colleague. She was using it to get support for some hard times in her department, so just popping up and letting her know would really rattle her.

I decided to let her figure out who I was -- so we'd be on fairly equal ground. I just posted a few comments with my info and she followed the trail.

When she got to my blog, I wrote a post outlining my concerns about finding her blog etc.

julie said...

Grin away, my dear: grin away!