Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My bags are packed...

... well, almost.

Your advice was great!! My 'defense day' bag includes:
  • A copy of my dissertation
  • An outline for my talk
  • A cheat sheet listing all of my just war principles
  • A bottle for water & cereal bars for quick energy before the defense that can't mess up my clothing.
  • The appropriate forms & a checkbook to pay fees
  • A pad of paper and a pen
  • My ipod --
I'll also bring a clean top with me, just in case -- I have a nightmare that I'll show up for my defense with a spot on my shirt...
My 'fun' (i.e. distraction bag) includes:
  • Several good books, including the most recent Steig Larsson book.
  • DVDs of old and mindless TV (Mad about You, Will & Grace, Arrested Development)
My suitcase will include several outfit options for tomorrow, pjs and comfy clothes for the rest of the time.

I'm planning to get a pedicure in Red State city late this afternoon, then some good Indian food for dinner.

Tomorrow, after my defense, I have a hair appointment with my favorite stylist / honorary older sister and very good friend. I like that she'll be the first non-committee member to call me "Dr. ItPF" -- in person.

I'm pretty sure I'll have no internet where I'm staying -- so, don't expect an update until Friday or Saturday.


newkidonthehallway said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! (Not that you need it - you'll be brilliant!!)

Meansomething said...

Have a great trip! Looking forward to calling you Dr. ITPF as soon as you get back!