Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Read the frigging schedule....

Goodness, for an "on-line" generation, something so simple is turning out to be complex.

I have a hybrid class. It meets together on Monday, then half the class comes on Wednesday and the other half on Thursday.

They can register for MW or MTh -- with the "on-line day" being the other.

Several bozos so far have insisted they registered for one, when they actually registered for the other.

At first I thought the software that pulls the class lists was off -- it's not beyond possible.

It turns out the students are off.

The problem is that I made some class deadlines different for the MW vs. MTh students.

I'm not doing that again -- now, thanks to this bunch of bozos, every hybrid in the future will have the same set of deadlines -- whatever the earlier ones are.


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