Saturday, June 05, 2010

Excuse me while I brag a bit...

... about Hubby.

His grades are in -- and they are really good. Really, really good. One of them is the best possible grade -- and the rest are very high -- in a system with a forced curve for 1Ls.

He also got honors in both of his pass/fail courses -- and he got a "best oral argument" award.

Those of you who knew Hubby the Debater won't be at all surprised by the last one :).

Suffice it to say, if he doesn't make law review, it won't be because of his grades.

I'm really happy about this -- mostly because Hubby has worked really, really, really hard at this. It isn't all raw intelligence, it's the combination of raw intelligence and hard work. I suspect even Kingsfield (from Paper Chase) would be impressed.

Way to go Hubby!!!

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Seeking Solace said...

As someone who has gone through the first year of law school, what Hubby has accomplished is worth bragging about!!!!

Cheers to Hubby!!!!!