Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Red State...

... without hubby.

It's really, really weird to be in the house Hubby stayed in while working here -- without him actually being here.

Instead, he's in BNstate -- cozy in our apartment with the cats and I'm all alone in a 4 bedroom, 4,000 square foot house. I can see why he was lonely --

I'm here to defend my dissertation. It seems oddly appropriate to stay where I wrote decent chunks of it -- and where I formulated a lot of it.

My plan for the day is to spend some time this morning at the coffee shop getting caught up with my on-line life, then to take some time to look at my notes. I'll leave the house about noon, as I have to apply for graduation before the deadline tomorrow :). Then I'll do some more review and thinking about the points I want to make -- and meet the committee at 3:00.

By the end of the business day, I'll probably be Dr. Steck ( I'm more confident than that sounds -- but I don't want to jinx it :).


Paul Swendson said...

I hope that everything went well. I can't relate to you PHD candidates. It's hard enough for me to find time to write little blog posts.

Bardiac said...

I've checked back, hoping to see an update from Dr. Inside!!!

Thinking good things for you!