Friday, December 11, 2009

Yea -- I watch it... so, what of it?

"it" is the "Real Housewives of Orange County"...

For the record, I don't watch the Atlanta ones -- ever since the blonde one did that stupid "tardy for the party" song -- which is horrific, she can't sing and she also can't see that people are making it into a joke song..

But -- the OC wives really make me wonder...

  • One household -- had to move out of their RENTED house into a less expensive rented house due to the economy. I'm not sure what the husband does, but the wife doesn't seem to work. They bought their oldest daughter a BMW for her birthday, now the oldest daughter and the wife are getting plastic surgery... on the same day. The only person who seems to have a lick of sense is the 16 year-old -- who asks why they're spending all that money when they have to move to save money.

Ummm -- yea. The husband acknowledges that they probably shouldn't be spending the money... but, he "won't put a price on his wife's happiness". I'm sure they got a hefty discount from the plastic surgeon -- but, for goodness sakes, your family is on an economic downturn and you're getting your face lifted and nose done?

I'd love to sit these women down and tell them that the reason they aren't happy with themselves is that they mostly go to lunch and shop -- they aren't doing anything with their time, energy and talents. If you want to feel as if you have worth -- DO SOMETHING to generate worth. Of course, they wouldn't listen to me -- I'm an overweight Midwestern 41 year old woman -- who looks her age -- with one boob...
  • Two husbands refuse to "allow" their wives to travel without them. Both are husbands with smallish children -- both husbands have invited themselves on a 'girls' trip' to Florida.
One woman completely accepts her husband's control -- she says that's the way good marriages are and that God brought her to him. He doesn't mention God when he talks about her role in his life... I think he's more worried that he'll have to deal with his own spawn if she takes off for a day or two.

Another woman is getting kind of feisty about things... she's not exactly happy that her hubby is going on the trip. The real thing she's getting irritated about is the fact that she NEEDS to work to help support the family -- his tequila business is off and they need to put the house on the market -- but, he also expects her to be home with the kids. Umm--just how is that possible.

  • Then there's the housewife who really isn't a housewife at all -- she's blonde and hot.. she was dating a rich older guy who had cancer -- and died this year. Now she's dating the boyfriend of a housewife from the first season. He's a housewife -ho... and she really needs to watch the first season to see what happened...
Oddly enough, this one I kind of like. She was a good support person for her (now dead) rich boyfriend. She didn't seem to get much from the will -- I suspect it went to his kids who are 18 and 21 or so... as it probably should have been... Now she's dating this other dude, which may be a bad idea -- but, she seems to be less obsessed with shopping and working out etc.

Overall -- I'm not sure why I watch this show. I suppose it's because their lives are so different than my own. I also suppose it's because they feed many of the California fantasies... I'm not sure I share them, but I do find the essence of the fantasy itself fascinating.

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Rose said...

I confess I watch this, too, sometimes, when I happen to catch a rerun. I think I'm fascinated by how vulgar they are, and how horrible they are to each other. I agree about the young blonde. I can't figure out if she's basically OK, or just a very good actress.