Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 logic exams away from tragedy...

About 10:45

One of the best slackers in Ethics (of, 'can I miss another class to go hunting fame), e-mails in a panic.

The drop box is closed (it closed at 7:00 AM) -- says uber-slacker. Can I still turn in my paper?

Me -- feeling generous, 'sure, if you can get it to me in person by the time I start grading the stack of ethics papers'. That should be in a couple of hours -- as soon as I'm done with logic exams, I'm grading papers.

day goes on -- I finish grading exams and move to logic exams...

Just now -- knock on the door -- Uber-slacker at the door with a paper.

Me, "you were 9 logic exams away from tragedy".

Yea -- maybe I should have let him fail -- but, he's heading there anyway, so I don't think he needs my help. The late penalty is 15%. I think that's enough.

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Anonymous said...

9 logic exams away from tragedy--you crack me up!