Friday, December 11, 2009

Bees and bonnets..

The Bee seems to consist of a request that faculty not exceed a particular limit of material stored on the common drive.

The proposed solution was to move older material to a CD/flash drive etc. The IT manager says in the message that we may discuss higher limits as is necessary.

The bonnet is currently being worn by our union.

Yes --our union. I'm not sure, but I highly doubt the contract specifies the right to unlimited digital storage -- but, somehow the bonnet wearer seems to think this is some kind of violation of our contractual rights OR our academic freedom.. or something.

True, I don't recall being told there was a limit -- but, they also aren't threatening to delete any files etc...

I should start keeping a log of these kinds of kerfluffles -- I suspect they arise at times in the semester when certain people have very little to do.


Bardiac said...

I get this message pretty regularly. I use pdfs in my teaching (for early modern materials) and they take up a world of digital space. And the limit is pretty darned small. Like smaller than some people's cell phone thingies.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The person with the bee in her bonnet isn't in a discipline which is text oriented... although, I suppose she could have PDFs of some things. The thing is, the e-mail she quotes indicates that there are exceptions to the policy... if she needs an exception, why not simply ask for one instead of dragging the union into it?