Saturday, December 26, 2009

One person...

Recently one person in our apartment conplex has...

1) Has failed to move hir car to permit plowing.

2) Has a car alarm that goes off all the time.

3) Has a "service" dog -- which we can hear whining and barking -- especially in the office.

4) Is the most regular of the smokers outside our door.

This person was also my student -- for a while... grrr. Concerning the "service dog" designation, I know for a fact s/he didn't bring the dog to class, while s/he was a student. Also, the dog doesn't wear one of those vests... I really do wonder about the truth of the "service dog" designation. On the other hand, the dog does seem to be pretty well behaved and s/he seems to pick up the poo... so, what's the harm?

I'm just kind of amazed at the number of small irritations one person can produce -- especially considering the fact that the person doesn't live with me.

Today I also helped out another guy from our building -- it's really icy and we were instructed to move our cars. I saw him fall twice trying to cross the icy lot. I went over and insisted he get in the car so I could drive him the 100 or so yards to his car. Trying to get in the car, he fell several more times right in front of my car. I was stuck for a while because I didn't want to take the chance that I might run over him trying to get out and help him-- eventually he got up and into the car on his own...

Really, I'm pretty sure he was either drunk or on a bunch of pain pills. I'm not sure he was fit to drive -- but, he told me he was moving his car back into our lot... so, I suppose it's ok.

and -- it's snowing again... some more.

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Anonymous said...

Every neighborhood has one, don't they. I just always hope it's not me!