Wednesday, August 15, 2007

recipie for a middle of the night nutty...

1) Wake-up to a cat screaming in the hall. Calm cat and realize you can't get back to sleep.

2) Check e-mail. Find e-mail from Academic VP about low enrollments.

3) Go to newly re-organized college website.

4) Look at class enrollments.

5) See only 3 of expected 4 classes (side note, 1 class course release for being department chair is bogus... )

6) panic -- how can they register for classes if I'm not even listed in the course list?

7) Wonder which of the adjunct faculty classes I can snag and still make it to Red State on weekends.

8) Worry that when they changed the schedule, that class didn't get back into the system.

9) Look at notes from syllabus-writing to see if I have info for it, as that would have come from the internet -- plan to use it as proof of the class previously existing...

10) Worry that when I requested a room change, the dean's assistant deleted the class instead.

11) Realize that the new system only shows available classes, i.e. classes with at least 1 seat open.

12) Think that this system sucks, as I use it for my informal advising and as such it won't show me all the classes being taught... sigh.

13) Wander around the newly designed website until I find the class-list function.

14) Sign in, hoping I'm remembering my ID number.

15) See 4 classes listed, which calms my panic...

16) Go back to bed...


timna said...

I too panicked when a class I thought had filled was nowhere to be found. What had I done?

where is this class list function? and do you find anywhere that lists where classes are being held? classroom numbers?

julie said...

I, too, have found the woeful state of the online registration/class schedule/class list function of the "redesigned" website. I've sent a rather detailed memo to the VP - you should, too. If you ask me, this terrible registration interface is why our enrollment numbers for fall are down 21% this year.