Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ladies of Water Aerobics..

This has been the summer of water aerobics.

Hubby and I joined a great health club this summer. They have multiple locations, including a new location in Red State (the reason we picked that chain... no excuses while in Red State!) The facilities are nice, the equipment new and they generally have indoor pools.

This summer the club opened a new location in BN state with a fantastic outdoor pool. They offered a water aerobics class every morning at 9:00 -- and I was hooked. Water aerobics is great -- you get a good workout with low impact (I am getting old, you know...). The classes at my club are generally 60% cardio and 40% toning and flexibility. The point of the class is to be up to your chest in water, so if you don't know the steps, or want to modify a move because you are tired, nobody knows!

So, when my summer teaching was over, I spent many mornings in the pool with the ladies of water aerobics. Generally, the water aerobics crowd is distinctive. We are older and flabbier than the rest of the club members. We are tanned from the boobs up and we also seem to be having more fun!

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Kate said...

Sounds like fun!