Monday, August 13, 2007

Am I easily irked?

A student who started my class almost a YEAR ago has now made a complaint to my dean about her grade. She says she was e-mailing me about it, but I haven't received a recent e-mail from her... hmmm-- and, she's SOOOOO stubborn that she probably won't admit that she was using an old address.

I considered raising her grade last year and decided not to, because her work didn't show the skills she needed --i.e. presenting the other side of the argument. I suppose that is really hard when you are such a homophobe-bigot you can't even comprehend the other side.

Of course, I'm pretty sure I shredded her paper in June when I did a huge office muck-out. Unless she came by to pick it up and can prove otherwise, her grade will stand.... ha.

Sigh -- It seems like I need a few more bits in my standard syllabus...

1) No late final papers.... at all.
2) Every late paper will receive a penalty. The standard penalty will be 10% of the point value.
3) Make grade challenges in the semester following your class. Papers leftover from the previous semester will be destroyed after that semester has lapsed.
4) Don't be a homophobic-bigoty-ass-jerk and expect to get away with it.