Friday, August 24, 2007

meetings, day three -- the unioin meeting version...

The only meaningful thing we do on the last day is the union meeting. Funny thing is that the huge herd of people who crowded me to the "bad" side of the auditorium on Wednesday has thinned considerably. Of course, I'm not in a position to blame them, this is the first one I've been to since my first year -- when I figured out that they don't take attendance at these things!

9:05 One of my favorite people is the union president -- she's great one-on-one, but her usual wit and wisdom doesn't seem to translate to leading the meeting... sigh, this could be a long morning.

9:25 The questions asked are the same basic ones that they asked 4 years ago, still no answers?

9:30 Gym teachers shouldn't talk... really. At least this one speaks better than he writes. His political aspirations would be dashed if he had to take the college's a writing placement test.

9:35 Dude, put on some socks with those loafers and shorts... not a good look.

No time noted -- I made a lot of to-do lists etc... doze.... listen to the state union president complain about negotiations... realize that some of the stuff he's calling unreasonable isn't as unreasonable as he may think... hope this hot head doesn't screw things up...

10:30 Note to self, DO NOT mix up notes for blog post and notes for the department from the meeting... really, don't do it.

10:45 One of the things I love about my college is that professional development programs are available to part-time people -- and they are explicit about that. Any faculty member can participate in the seminars etc...

10:47 I really hope the uber-anonymous new blogger with the great wit is here. I wonder who it is??

11:30, blah, blah, blah -- why do they repeat info we got on Wednesday? Thank goodness this one is over!

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Anonymous said...

oh dude no, not the loafers sans socks with shorts! egh