Thursday, August 23, 2007

Notes from day 2, the "conference"

I have to say that Day 2 has been significantly improved since I started at BNCC. The nice bit is that they've arranged this more like a conference, with break-out sessions on useful topics -- at least, in theory.

Here are my notes from the day...

8:15 Stop at Starbucks for caffeine for fortification.

8:20 I needed the fortification, the administrivia may-well overwhelm me. I did find out that there is another long-distance couple on faculty... he's teaching here and his spouse is in Iowa on a college scholarship, so he commutes.

8:30 Are those the same donuts from yesterday?

8:32 Yo, woman, hire hubby here so we can do dooty days together!

8:49 I know the keynote speaker is on faculty, and I love him dearly, but he cannot have this much energy every day... but, damm -- he's good.

9:25 And... our writing faculty can write. His piece on the teacher who inspired him was really good, even inspirational... I really want to be a teacher who touches lives... Sunshine and D2 have told me he's a great teacher, and I can see why they say that.


10:05 Motivation is gone, replaced by a deep cynicism about teaching and student behavior... maybe the seminar on dealing with disruptive students wasn't a good idea... Why is it that the same people come to these seminars every year? Especially the cosmetology and auto-mechanics faculty seem to be at every one I go to... aren't they learning anything? Aren't I learning anything if I've noticed them here... hmm...

10:25 Oh crap, I've started to notice the presenter's speech faults. Her favorite is the unique "umm, ahh, a" combo -- but, she's doing all off them. Who says that public speaking skills come with a law degree.

10:29 um, ahhh, a, you know, the best advise she has for us about disruptive students is to discuss the situation with our colleagues. Yea, that is why we came here, so we can talk to one another.

10:35 The shoe dean noticed my red birks... she always notices them... I wonder why.


11:15 Oh no, there are more presenters than participants.. eek. And, the college president just sat down, so we can't call it off.

11:30 SCORE! The college president just suggested / asked a question I wanted to ask. And, it sounds like he'd be fully in support of something I want to do... AWESOME!

12:00 Taco lunch with a couple of philosophers. I'm amazed at how much the food has improved since I started. Maybe they do want us here!

2:00 Finally, a seminar where I learned something... now, if the evil software monopoly would make this for my Mac... I may just be happy to be in her seminar because I really like her AND she's very linear, just like me :).

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Miss Kitty said...

At least I'm not the only one who has these thougth processes while at conferences/meetings. :-)