Friday, March 19, 2010

WE pay a lot of rent... at Cedric's Landing...

... especially considering our apartment's size and location.

One of the things we are supposed to be able to do is to buzz people in from the front door.

We have a code.

We tell them the code.

They put it into the box -- and it rings our phone.

The problem is that our apartment management is a team of morons.

They can't manage to make the door system work. Randomly, (according to them) it will reassign numbers etc..

The management morons can put up flyers telling us about the random pot-lucks they have in the clubhouse -- but, they can't tell us when our door code has changed.


To top it all off -- I called yesterday and was told that the codes randomly change.
Today, Hubby looked up our code, it hadn't changed -- (but, they managed to delete his code), tried it and it didn't work.

I told the management morons this at 10 AM this morning and asked for a call back when it was resolved.

I had to call them back this afternoon.

When The moron who answered the phone called back, it was clear that she only managed to absorb the "Hubby's code has disappeared" part -- NOT the stuff that came before it about my code not working. I also told her to talk with the moron who answered the phone at 10.

When I -- kind of irritatedly, for the third time -- asked about MY code, the truth came out -- nobody had actually moved their moron asses out of the office to check out our problem. Now -- just before the second moron should be going home, I'm making her come over to look at it...

For the record, I'm putting our apartment name into the title just in case someone googles it... If you want a nice apartment, high rent and morons in the office -- move into Cedric's Landing.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That sounds like the goofiest system for security ever.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

If it worked right, it would be fine... it's nice to be able to let someone in via your phone.... especially if you aren't home.

The problem is that our management isn't able to manage the system.