Monday, March 01, 2010

Don't wait until the last minute...

... I tell them.

Their exam has been open since Feb 19.

Today is March 1 -- the exam closes in 2 hours..

9 of them haven't taken it -- 2 are taking it right now.

Frankly, I'm kind of hoping they have "issues" -- that will teach them not to put it off.

Also -- since I pretty much gave them answers to EVERY essay question either Feb 17 or 19 -- and few of them actually took notes -- I hope their memories suck.

Yea -- I'm having a bit of random student irritation today... so sue me.


Seeking Solace said...

I'll be your lawyer...until Hubby gets admitted! :)

julie said...

This week is the "unexpected emergencies" week: that funeral I just *have* to go to instead of coming for the midterm. That relapse of H1N1 that flares up just at midterm time. My car getting broken into! My laptop died!

These are just the sad tales I heard today.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I remember well wishing some larger lessons on my students on test day.