Saturday, March 06, 2010

Logic cheaters...

Three friends.

Three identical -- WRONG answers.

Three grades of 0 in the on-line grade book.

Two bounced e-mails.

Two seemingly innocent questions about why their grade is "not showing up" on the class discussion board.

Two replies of "we need to discuss your exam in private" -- from me.

Hmmm..... I've given them until Monday to figure it out.

Tuesday I'm in surgery and won't deal with this for a month.

If I can't communicate with them, in person, by Monday afternoon the grades stand.

My best bit of advice for logic cheaters is to copy from someone who actually knows how to do the work. That way, your answers won't be uniquely bad.


julie said...

You are kinder than I would be: consequences need to be a zero for the *course* and not a second chance.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I'm strongly considering the 0 for the course option -- and if I don't see them tomorrow, I may do it.

The thing is, with this 0 -- they are limited to a C -- IF they can manage 70%... which will be difficult, as there are only 200 or so points in the course, and this exam was 50 of them. I don't see these students doing well enough to make it.

I have a funny feeling Super=tutor and I won't see them again.

Anonymous said...

Those kids have some pretty big balls...