Friday, March 26, 2010

More on the "Real" Housewives...

... this time, the ones from New York.

Bethany -- sweetie -- I like you. You have a good head on your shoulders, you have a positive message about healthy eating and all kinds of other good things going for you.

What you need is an editor in your head. I just saw you tell the "Countess" what you think of her.

Take it from me, that kind of a move isn't a good one.

If you really don't trust her, think she's a snake etc -- turn her into one of the "non-people". These folks have a set of values and point of view that is so different from your own as to make them "non-people" -- because, clearly you are a person and they're different enough to be in some other category. Their "different" views make them act in hurtful ways -- and putting them in the "non-person" category is a move of self-preservation and nothing more.

It's pretty simple to deal with non-people -- you smile and nod, and don't trust them at all. They may talk behind your back -- and if they do that to your friends, then deal with your friends and not the non-person.

Interactions go no further than the polite "hi, how are you -- do you like the weather?" kinds of exchanges. Give them nothing to talk about -- and then when they make stuff up, you'll be able to defend yourself with the folks you care about. If -- for some reason that benefits you -- you need to invite them someplace, then do it. Don't invite them anyplace if your goal is to get to be friends again -- they'll never be your friends -- because, non-people are just too different.

So, Bethany -- put the "Countess" in that category and move on. Life is better when you only have real interactions with people.

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