Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow... just, um, wow...

Stu is in my logic class... nominally.

Stu comes in late, leaves early and is generally not engaged.

Today, I finally said something to him --and I wouldn't let him sign in.

After class today my uber-tutor told me Stu is coming to her unprepared... mostly it seems that her tutoring hours are more convenient than class time (sorry Stu...), so, he thinks it's uber-tutor's job to teach him what he can't manage to show up for.

So -- I told uber-tutor that I'd handle it, and Stu should come to see me.

Turns out, Stu doesn't have the book yet. Class started January 12 -- it's now February 23 -- 40 days after class started. Stu tells me that he had to pay rent first etc... then he'd buy the book. Folks, I have a custom text that is less than $50.00.

Of course, Stu wasn't motivated or connected enough to round up an old version on Amazon -- for $14.00...

When I asked Stu if there was a reason he was consistently late, he told me he was "intimidated by the material" --

I told Stu it was now his obligation to get caught up, on his own. I taught it once in class, he missed that opportunity. He's going to have to a) get the book, b) read the book, c) figure out how to do the work -- before the exam next week.

I also told him that he can't see uber-tutor until he does the work necessary to catch up.

Really -- I don't expect Stu will be finishing the class... and, I'm ok with that. I suspect Stu is going to have to learn the hard way --- and pulling his head out of his backside is a start.


jo(e) said...

I've had students like that. Usually, they're failing their other classes as well.

I always wonder why they are in college.

Seeking Solace said...

I've students like that too. It's a real head scratcher.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This? Is exactly why I am letting my oldest fail--better now when it's cheap than later when it is EXPENSIVE.

julie said...

I simply *love* the way you've ended this post. Yeah.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I'm all for "student success" -- but, I really do think that the best thing for some students is failure.

Logic is hard. The administration thinks it's hard enough to warrant in-class tutors.... but, they don't think it's hard enough to reduce the class sizes so I can hold their hand effectively.. .

Stu can't even take advantage of the tutor because he hasn't made any effort on his own.

John Nolan said...

According to my point of view, failure is the stepping stone to success. Professors are for student's sucess. They have to motivate their students to bring confidence in them and also to have passion in learning.

John Nolan,