Friday, February 05, 2010

Some thoughts on my favorite junk-food TV show...

The "Real" Housewives of the OC...

Secret messages to:

Simon -- If you have as strong and good a marriage as you think, Vicki couldn't be "in" your marriage. period. Stop blaming her for your marital problems. The real problem is that you are so sure you are right about things, you can't see that you're making your wife unhappy. Vicki is simply being your wife's advocate -- and you don't like the fact that someone is telling her it's ok to be more independent. Plus, your attitude toward your step-son has been pretty crappy for a long time. Your wife loves her older son -- granted, he's a punk and kind of an ass -- but, he's her's to deal with.

Gretchen -- 1) Your make-up line name is tacky. Just because you are pretty doesn't mean that people will want your make-up. Get a real job. 2) Slade is a bum if he isn't working to contribute to your household. Being your bed buddy isn't enough.

Vicki -- you go girl -- you're working hard and having a good relationship with Don (finally -- you did treat him like crap, but you realize that). You've raised two pretty reasonable kids, good for you!

Lynne- Listen to Gretchen, she has insight into your girls. Also - by now you've figured out that you don't have the money to live the lifestyle you want. I kind of feel sorry for you, maybe because you're pretty, you don't think you have to be smart about these things.

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