Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Attention Adminstrators..

Having "staff development day" is bad enough.

Having a state conference of two-year schools is also horrible.

Scheduling the "staff development day" the day before the conference is a horrific idea.

Staf development day sucks -- because it's a fake "we're all one community" kind of day. That means that the actual staff miss an opportunity for actual training they may need, and faculty sit around wondering if they can sneak off to grade... The result is that the generic nature of the event is a waste of time for everyone. Plus, pretending the janitor and the Ph.D.s are exactly the same is so bogus.... (notice, I'm not saying one is better than the other -- just that they are different. If the Ph.D. is an adjunct and the janitor has seniority, the janitory has a better income, job security and health insurance...).

The two-year school conference will start with a speaker who was paid way too much -- and then go into break-out groups that are just an excuse to bitch about our students. I can stay home and do that on the internet.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your cynicism is appreciated by THIS former teacher!