Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I keep thinking about S's last voicemail message on my cell. She left it about September 13th or so -- the last day I saw her.

The essence of it was that her mom had given S until the 15th to "get her shit out of her house". So, she was collecting her stuff (some of which was here), and wanted to know when she could come by.

On September 13th, S's mom made it pretty clear that she didn't want S around. S wasn't really welcome.

Thank goodness S had recently found a good guy -- one who loved her intensely. S would have been just fine without her mom.

S died on September 16th... the day after she was supposed to vacate her mom's...

Her mom is acting like they were so frigging close. She's all over Facebook spewing her stuff...

I know it's all motivated by S's Mom's underlying issues -- and (although S's mom would never admit it), a well-deserved share of guilt. But -- knowing the truth of the situation, it makes me mad all the same.

I sat with S on the deck in August-- when she smoked countless cigarettes and told me about how crappy her mom and sister were to her.

S came to my office for at least two years at BNCC, closed the door and told me how crappy her mom and sister were to her.

S and I would talk on road trips about how crappy her mom and sister were to her.

All S wanted was a semi-polite relationship with them -- and they wouldn't give it to her when she was here.

Now she's gone, and S's mom really hasn't changed much -- but, now she has a reason to get sympathy. I'm trying to be the "bigger person", and I'm succeeding in being polite and supportive on Facebook -- but, here I can vent a bit.

Grrr ---

Moral of the story -- if you really love someone, don't take advantage of them, push them away and abuse them when they are here -- because, you never know when some dumb-ass 19 year-old in a Honda is going to rear-end them...

oh yea, and S's Mom's biggest complaint about the dumb-ass 19 year old is that the chick didn't have any insurance --

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That would infuriate me. Sadly, the delusional also have freedom of press/speech.