Friday, October 30, 2009

I grew up in a bad neighborhood...

When I was a kid, we lived in the western 'burbs.

Generally, the 'burbs weren't all that exciting -- but, in my immediate neighborhood we had the following:
  • A dude who did high-level insurance fraud. He was also the son in law of a well-known politician. I think he did jail time.
  • Another dud did some kind of investment fraud concerning coins.... and went to jail.
  • A corporate raider-type who probably should have gone to jail... or, if he hadn't turned to running professional bass fishing tournaments, might have ended up in big time trouble.
  • Someone whose adopted persona was "The Godfather"... and someone else I actually suspected of being a mafioso type.
And -- now this one... Just out of curiosity, I checked the listing -- it's in my old school district.

For the record -- our house would have probably fit in his indoor pool/basketball court... and it wasn't nearly as nice as his servant's quarters... but, my parents didn't have to cheat and steal from many others to get it... hmmmm.... and they bought it 40+ years ago, before things got all swanky out there.

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Anonymous said...

... my apartment definitely fits into the room where the indoor pool is.
However - illgotten gains...