Sunday, October 04, 2009

RBO the weekend...

Friday -- Sara's services were kind of hard, but good. It was good to do another cry at the church. It was very good to speak about Sara at her memorial service. The family drama continued -- but nobody ended up in jail (although rumor has it, it was close...).

Saturday -- was kind of a lazy day. Some cleaning, some grading and other stuff -- plenty of short naps and lounging on the couch.

Sunday -- more of the same -- except the crock pot was going all day, with a yummy North Carolina BBQ pulled pork as the end result. I'm becoming quite the fan of Prof Hacker -- I'm freezing the leftovers, along with Friday dinner leftovers -- so now we have at least 9 lunches in the freezer.

Hubby is making mushroom risoto right now for our lunches this week. It's uber-yummy... and smells amazing.

Next weekend I'll be in Red State for the first time since May. I'm meeting with Dr. Advisor, getting my hair done and catching up with a friend or two. It's going to be odd being there without the purpose of seeing Hubby... but I'll adjust.

The following weekend is our pathetic excuse for fall break - -and I'm going to Corn State with some girlfriends... yea, two weekends in a row going down there -- kind of weird that neither of them involves Hubby.

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Kris Peleg said...

I'm getting really hungry reading your blog lately...:-)