Thursday, October 29, 2009

About that...

... cup of fancy coffee I wanted (umm-- needed) to motivate on-line grading before class -- denied by a long line of students who would rather be late to their 9:30 class than go without their coffee.. grrr.

... schedule -- most of the disciplines have their stuff in and comprehensible, one has until noon today. If they could make up their minds -- I'd be done with that... grrr.

... internet at home -- I'm meeting the Qwest guy this afternoon. When I left home the internet was working. The problem is that it seems to go out overnight / when it's below freezing. This problem needs to be fixed ASAFP -- because BNCC is about to be below freezing for the next 5 months.

... dissertation -- if the internet isn't working at home this afternoon, I'll do dissertation work.

...If the internet is working, I'll do on-line grading, as long as the cats don't distract me.

... national Cat day. It's today -- appreciate the cats in your life... or, you'll be on their 'naughty' list and you'll get stuff that's worse than lumps of coal in your laundry.

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