Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where I turn into a cranky old woman....

... you know, the one in the neighborhood who yells at the kids to get off her lawn.

Except -- this is a group of "adults" who have repeatedly ignored my polite and then not so polite requests to be quiet outside my classroom.

Yesterday I went out three times in 1 hour.

No more -- I've got the number for campus security and I'm going to use it. It's always the same group being obnoxious and distracting my students. Other faculty have had problems with the same group --- so, this isn't a secret. Clearly, they're blowing us off.

So-- asshats, when the campus security comes around to tell you to break up the party, you shouldn't be surprised... although, since you are BNCC students (probably), you have bad pattern recognition and little retention of material -- so, it may take a few phone calls to train you.

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julie said...

I think I've talked to those same students . . . right up f2f, in their business, six inches from a loud, harmphing young lady hollaring at another woman a floor below -- seriously. One of the young men apologized . . .