Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hubby's on the way home!!!

Right now my honey should be past Corn State (as opposed to Corn University).

That means he's less than 3 hours away from me, the Queen and the Minion.

We are all waiting impatiently to see him.... well, to be honest, the Queen may be at least as impatient as I am -- and the Minion is off chasing something small (i.e. an impromptu toy, like a paper clip, penny etc...).

Tomorrow I have my first oncologist check-up. Cross your fingers for me --- I'd love some good news!!

We're also buying a new TV, as the 15 year-old one died in the middle of The Office (i.e. just after the Super Bowl). While he's here, Hubby will also need to take down the Christmas tree.... yea, I know it's February.

1 comment:

Bardiac said...

Wishing you the most boring news possible at the oncologist's office! :)