Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Florida -- tomorrow... wierd...

Somehow it doesn't seem like I'm going to Florida tomorrow.

The laundry I'll need to pack is in the dryer. I'll fold and pack later today.

The cats' other mommy is coming to stay again -- I'm sure they'll like her better than they like me by the time I get home --

The ticket was purchased and - thanks to AMEX points, it was pretty cheap. AMEX points aren't really good for much else, but a big discount on a last-minute airline ticket is a pretty good deal.

Someone will pick me up in Orlando -- and I seem to have someplace to sleep....

I finally got a chance to talk with mom last night -- Mom is exhausted and Grandma is doing great. Grandma's not on any pain medication and she keeps wanting to get up to go to the potty... which isn't recommended until today.

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