Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Waltzer, part 1 & Omaha

Took a trip to Omaha --- got to stay with my good friend Peg... great therapy for the both of us... We spent the day bumming around and talking -- a lot like Pam and I used to. I've missed that. I'll have to visit again without hubby, so we can chat and keep caught up.

Peg is an amazing person -- she's got strong values and a vision for what life should be like and she goes after it. She's very loyal and very perceptive about people, although she sometimes can't help but get involved with some wierdos -- I know how she feels. She used to travel a lot for work, but now she's starting her own salon -- those of you in Omaha let me know if you need a great haircut!!!

The purpose of the trip was to see Michael Waltzer speak, which was very interesting -- although not much on Just War Theory tonight.

Tomorrow I get to meet with him nearly one-on-one, which is very cool. I can't wait and am nervous about it, I don't want to blow my chance to pick his brain about just war. I'm sure there will be more later.

I go home tomorrow --- Omaha is nice, but home is also nice. Another weekend off -- goodness knows what kind of trouble I'll get in... of course, there is a philosophy conference this weekend at the U. I really should go to parts of it, as it is free and in town... and good for me, as the focus is on Kant.

A week from tomorrow we go to Marquette -- will I get the tatoo???

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