Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Debate --Good day/Bad day/evil student complaint

I had three phases today

Phase 1:
So -- today I chat with my administrator... He is really cool, gets debate and decides to fund D1/D2 at NPTE and D1 and others at NFA... good start.

Phase 2 (e-mail recieved while at a rest-area in Iowa... aargh...)
I then find out that dork-boy CJ is forwarding his complaint to the cool administrator. He complained to my dean that I didn't teach the class... the dean was satisfied with my explaination that he refused to debate in said class... and got hostile when I told him that he'd have to actually debate in debate class... hmmm. I know this isn't going anyplace, and both dean and cool administrator thinks I'm good etc -- but it is still stupid shit I shouldn't have to deal with.

Phase 3 (via phone call from hubby)
THEN -- I find out that D1 (who, by the way WON a policy tournament this weekend.. his first tournament ever..) -- is being harassed by dumb-ass administrators about the amount of stuff he's printing. They don't come to me, they summon him to a meeting. Cripes.. I'm in Nebraska, get a panicked phone call from hubby abou this "emergency" -- and have to fire off some midnight e-mails -- one to dumb-ass administrator #1, with CC's to my cool administrator and my cool dean. Cool administrator replies almost instantly -- and tells me that if dumb-ass administrator gives me shit, I should send her to him.

I love cool administrator... almost as much as I loved the guy from Festival foods who delivered all the food for NPTE.

I should go to bed. Now.

didn't do it... but will soon...

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