Friday, November 18, 2005

Debate update -- now and spring 06

Am working on the spring schedule... looks like we'll be in Cali for New Years (barely, arrive at 10:45 PM) with D1/D2. Tickets were expensive and they are the only competitive team. Most of Janurary - mid-March will be spent other places... I'm glad we have some time off before then --

The dumb-ass administrator who was giving D1a hard time was put in his place by D1 --at the meeting he slammed down a sample card and dumb-ass had to admit that he wasn't printing his own books on their lousy laser printer. D1 got exactly what he wanted, dumb-administrator tells me that they are working on getting us a printer for the road... YEA!

I'm kind of frustrated wth Rex, as he doesn't seem to get any better. Are we not communicating with him what he needs to do, or isn't he internalizing it? He seems to want to do it, but I'm kind of unsure at this point.

Moonshadow decided to go to New York instead of to the Marquette tournament (which was canceled anyway... boo). Tells me where her priorities are. She's acutally improving her debating, it would be nice if she'd actually travel.

Debater X is back and forth, as are WK and JC. Herbie seems to be getting in gear, but right now he and Rex are pretty well-matched partners... which is ok. Herbie is a really bright kid, and will be a fun debater once he gets the hang of it.

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