Saturday, November 19, 2005

Enterprise Sucks

The cars are fine -- corporate managment seems ok, the people in the Bloomington office suck.

After being pretty much called a Bitch by Matt the Asshat, they over-charged us for one of our rentals.

They charged us for an extra day AND charged us for a bunch of insurance we didn't want. I looked at the contract, and I initialed where I always do.... declining insurance. I'm sure they did it out of spite, and probably to make sure I didn't come back to rent vans from them -- because, as Matt said "I can rent that van for $150.00 / day" -- yea, you figured that out when you over-charged me for the previous week.

Matt -- you earned the name "Asshat" -- because, instead of a head -- your hat sits on an ASS.

Thankfully, Kelly in the corporate office took care of it for us. I wasn't going to pay them --

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