Friday, July 02, 2010

Of student emergencies...

X -- has flaked on me before. S/he was an enthusiastic participant in Ethics, until s/he wasn't there anymore. S/he had told me that s/he had a complicated family life -- but, s/he thought the class was possible -- then, nothing.

Surprise, surprise -- X was in my logic class -- until s/he wasn't.

Yesterday was the final -- and, coincidentally, during the final exam X leaves a message of woe -- dead grandfathers in Africa, stolen cars and laptops -- and thus no way to come talk to me before the final -- all of this after being gone for nearly 2 weeks (a third of the class). I really don't know if I believe hir -- since s/he only called after s/he figured out that it was too late to withdraw from the class.

X has earned a D, and that's what s/he will get.

A -- has been a model student. Tuned in to lectures, never missing a class section, doing well on the work and showing improvement.

A e-mailed that s/he had missed a quiz because their spouse chose this week to reveal some really shocking secrets -- that they had been keeping for their whole relationship.

A wanted more time to take the quiz -- and A got it.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What is the old saying? "An ounce of prevention..." springs to mind.

Seeking Solace said...

When you show that you can be responsible, you will be extended the courtesy.