Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have very diverse peeps...

I started thinking about folks who I'd consider my "peeps" -- these are people who I'd call if the world fell apart for me. They'd be able to protect me, help me put things together and make sense of it all -- Hubby is the primary 'peep' and my pal Sara will always be an honorary peep, 'cuz if I find myself dead, she'll have to help me-- kind of weird, but true -- .. among the others, they are:
  • Straight and gay
  • Male and female
  • Married, single and divorced
  • Parents -- ages range from 1-22 (I think...), 3 daughters, 5 sons including one transgender f- to m... and another with special needs.
  • Ph.D, MA, BAs, AAs, and degrees from the school of hard knocks
  • More than one has been to jail.
  • Some hardly travel, others have travelled a lot
  • Some have cheated on their spouses
  • Some have been cheated on
  • At least one has been the "other" person...
  • At least one has been a stripper, more than one likes strippers...
  • two are former students, one of whom has cried in my office
  • One I've been friends with since 5th grade, another I knew in 5th grade
  • About half have been in the pool this year, and the rest should get their butts in the pool.
  • More than one has had a substance abuse problem
  • I've travelled with three of them, but I would travel with any of them
  • I've worked with four of them
  • Four knew me before I met hubby.
  • Four knew -- or knew of old boyfriend -- and all told me he wasn't right for me.
  • I tried to teach one of them to drive, and another to debate... the debate went better than the driving.
  • At least two are mildly bi-polar.
  • Three have diagnosed learning disabilities.
  • One refuses to join facebook -- all the others are facebook friends too --- some more active than others.
  • Four have seen me bald, one is bald.
  • Age range -- early 30s to late 40s.
  • Professions range from professor, to accountant to debt collector and music teacher
Really -- among my peeps -- I can't think of anything life could throw at me that we couldn't figure out... it's a good feeling.


What Now? said...

That must be a good feeling!

I've realized over the last few years that I don't really have peeps, which worries me considerably. At some point, my world will undoubtedly fall apart, and what will I do without peeps to pick me up and help me make it through? Troubling.

Anonymous said...

I love how you have your back covered by such a diverse crowd! That is awesome.

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