Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stories of KFAP...

Kid from another planet...

is graduating. She can't understand the concept of the on-line gradebook not taking her final exam into account.

It's scary. I explained it to her at least three times.

If 60/205 points are not entered yet, your average isn't going to be good.


menoitios said...

I have this problem all the time. What they are actually trying to do is make you change your behaviour and enter their exam grade into the online class system.

The best response I have found is to call them on it.

Me:"Would it be easier for you if I entered the final grades on to the online system?"
Dumb Student:"Yes!"
Me:"Hmmm. Well, I guess it would be, but since it is a lot of work, I won't. I am sure you are smart enough to figure it out yourselves."

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Actually, I use the on-line gradebook, and she STILL couldn't figure it out.

The thing is, I hadn't even graded her final exam--- it was less than 10 minutes after she finished it. She couldn't grasp the concept that her average might be 67% for the whole class, when she had good grades up until the final.