Thursday, May 20, 2010

Misc update...

When I have a week off, apparently I use it to get my stuff in order..

Monday: Planted the two huge pots on my deck.
Tuesday: Filled up the recycling bin at work -- with old student stuff and handouts.
Wednesday: Cleaned out and rearranged the top cupboards in the kitchen.
Thursday (today): working on the bottom cupboards in the kitchen.

-- Currently, nearly all the plastic storage things we own are drying on the counter.

Friday -- will probably be laundry.

Allergy report -- they suck. I'm particularly sensitive to cottonwood, and the air is full of it. So, the weather is nice, my deck is beautiful and I'm inside with the A/C on.

Dissertation report -- still waiting on the readers... sigh.

Summer session starts on Monday, I'm mostly ready for it in terms of preparation, but not intellectually.

Felines: The Queen is the same -- currently sleeping in her basket. The Minion is settling down a little -- currently sitting on Hubby's desk and looking out the window.

Hubby: doing another set of law school homework... away from the chaos, smart man!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Spring cleaning AND suffering from allergies? You deserve a drink!