Friday, April 30, 2010

Class updates...

  • Ethics students are doing well with their presentations. The presentations take the form of a pecha kucha, in which students have 20 powerpoint slides, each displayed for 20 seconds, to answer a question.. The presentations weren't perfect, but they were original and they moved quickly enough to avoid boredom. The best thing is that I didn't hold their hands in the process, I didn't do a bunch of developmental assignments or anything. They signed up for their groups, organized themselves, did the work and hopefully learned something. I tried to give clear expectations, consult when asked and then check in at the end to make sure the group had something to present.
  • Logic is in a bit of a panic now -- of course, some of them are just now realizing that when I told them to do an on-line quiz for points, I meant it. Not doing that quiz means they don't get to opt out of the final -- AND the final replaces their last two quiz grades... so there. They could still fail... hmmm. These folks really shouldn't tempt me, I can enter an A or and F with equal effort -- and I'll do it.
We have one more week left -- and next week is logic week -- lots of grading, wrangling and begging will happen. I'll consult the syllabus, ask why they think they are special enough to get an exception and deny just about everyone.

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