Thursday, August 07, 2008

CPAP news...

I'm up to about 7 total hours per night...

I also don't feel the need for caffeine. I'm sure this will change when school starts, but for now it is kind of fun.

I'm still having minor adjustment issues with the mask-- but they don't seem to prevent me from getting to sleep.

If you snore, ask your partner to look at the symptoms of sleep apnea. If you have them, get a sleep study to see if you need a machine, or if there are other ways to help yourself get a good night's sleep. You don't know what you are missing until you get some really good sleep.

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Bitty said...

Thank you for all the info you left on my blog. I'm definitely going to clear off my SD card, put some fresh batteries in the digital camera, and try to record myself tonight.

Was your sleep apnea recently diagnosed? Were you tired much of the time (often following a long night's sleep!) before you got your machine?