Wednesday, September 08, 2010

That good kind of tired...

It's near the end (for me, anyway) of week 3.

Students are digging into the material, getting some grades back and asking good questions.

They're getting more demanding -- but, in a good way.

The clueless ones are starting to figure out that others have clues and they need them too.

Class is becoming more of a cooperative venture -- and each class is taking on its own charachteristics... until now, they were all the same... one blurr of unfamiliar faces... but, now they've got some personality...

Wednesday is a big teaching day for me -- but, not impossible. Tonight, I'm happy that Hubby has an evening class and that FB has guitar students -- because I need a little quiet and will be decompressed by the time hubby gets home and/or FB starts the texting ritual.

In the meantime, I have a good playlist going, a pizza on the way (EXACTLY as Ilike it) and some student administrivia to deal with... while the Minion flips out... good thing he has energy because I sure don't..

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