Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I should be clear... about FB

... because, in a previous post about FB, I was kind of ambiguous.. and I've been thinking about this a lot lately..

If FB and I were a romantic/financial unit -- I'd trust him to manage our money. From what I can see, he's actually quite good with what he has -- I'd just make the assumption that I'd pay all the bills... which would be fine for me.

The thing is, money isn't all that important to FB, which is something I really like about him. He's interested in being able to pay his bills, not buy a huge house in the suburbs -- and impress his neighbors. That's quite appealing. He also knows how to have fun without spending a wad of cash -- which is something I appreciate.

The other really nice thing about FB is that he is quite sensitive to others -- and looks for ways to be helpful / supportive to his friends. Tonight we had a good talk about my post-dissertation life -- and, as usual, he was perceptive and correct... that's why I hang out with him.

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