Sunday, October 30, 2005

Debate -- Yo Matt, the Enterprise Asshole

Yo “Matt” – the asshole of Enterprise, 86th and Lyndale, Bloomington, MN

Ummmm dude, if you think your people gave anywhere close to good service the past three weeks, you are on crack.

The first week you put us into something that could easily seat 5 – with no luggage – not good enough. We were polite when we wanted to change, but apparently that was too much trouble for your tacky ass. The employee who helped us make the change was nice. I said thank you a dozen times and apologized for the trouble. He was nice. Sorry you took that as my being a bitch. Maybe it was because I wouldn’t give y’all the credit card, as I’ve never had to before… I’ll check on the contract provisions and apologize if the state contract requires a credit card – but I’ll bet you a coffee that it does not.

The Second week we got there – I walked in and saw this:
One person sitting in your waiting area. One person working behind your desk… I walk to the counter and tell him I’m here to pick up a van (not seeing any vans in the lot -- funny since the reservation was for noon, it was 12:30… anyway)…. He pretty much yells at me “you have to wait your turn, I’m helping him –( pointing to the guy sitting down). I say “ok, I’ didn’t realize you were working with him: Hazeem proceeds to take 30 minutes to fart around – pretty much stalling until you get the van there. You wonder why I have an attitude… dude, you are a fucking incompetent manager and your employees are worse than you. You should fire them all and hire me to do customer service training for therm.

This week you had the attitude – and the contract was wrong. You didn’t take the time to change it, even when I told you we were going to Iowa. You are an incompetent fuck who will always be in dumb-ass jobs because you have an ego you haven’t earned and are a freaking sexist. You wouldn’t treat a guy the way you treated me, you wouldn’t tell a guy not to come back – nor would you expect a guy to believe that you could rent that minivan for 150 per day. Bullshit.

I’m happy I don’t have to deal with your people or crap anymore. If you think I’ll just go away because you called me a bitch, you are wrong.

Update: got home and called the Enterprise corporate, turns out I don’t need to put down a credit card on the car – hmmm… dumb ass…

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