Sunday, October 30, 2005

Debate update -- suits

Debate Update

D1/D2 went 4-2 and broke at Creighton. YEA!!! LM / GR were a respectable 3-3 in junior, not bad for GR’s first tournament.

D1 was in semi’s again in LD – damm… the boy is getting good.

I’m getting a lot irritated about the concept that debaters must look like “40 year old Republicans” (to quote D2) – Wearing a suit isn’t a sign of respect for the activity, debating well is. I think that as long as a student is presentable, clean and respectful – they should get equal respect to some dork-ass high school debate super-star who owns a bunch of suits and thinks they look dressed-up wearing one.

The problem is how they end up ACTING in their suits… which is not professional at all. They sit on the floor, rumpled and sloppy – and my students get static for not dressing up.

Funny, this is supposed to be both fun AND educational – why do my students seem to be having all the fun, and learning all the new stuff and the “suit kids” look miserable and debate dumb?? Hmmmmmm

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