Saturday, October 23, 2010

Packing it up...

... my dissertation materials, that is.

My home office has been a shambles for a while... I realized how long it's been a mess when I saw that my desk pad calendar started with August 1 (btw, the first time FB and I had coffee was noted there... hmmm).

So, I cleaned up and packed away my dissertation paperwork. It feels good.

I left out my current project on cyber warfare, but the rest of it is in a box in the corner -- where it belongs.

I also reviewed my feminist epistemology paper from a few years ago -- I'm presenting it at a faculty brown bag next week -- and I was happy to see that the argument actually makes sense, even three years after I submitted it to fulfill Ph.D. requirements... YEA!


Anonymous said...

I bet you wish you could crack open a bottle of champagne--that's gratifying accomplishment, isn't it?

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