Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny how things wok out...

I had dinner with someone who needs a psuedonym..

For now we'll call her New Girl... she's a new member of our department... and she's pretty cool.

She's from another part of the country -- and she's loving the fall leaves.... she's also looking forward to winter, which is refreshing around here.

Last night we had Vietnamese food -- (our server was the restaraunt owner's daughter -- and a former student who remembered me from 6 years ago :) .

Afterward, we saw an intersting philosophy lecture at a local SLAC -- which got us thinking and talking on the way home..

Perhaps the best part is that I found out that NG loves, loves, loves to write logic problems. I hate, hate, hate to write logic problems -- but, I don't have a problem writing logic text. We agree that the current logic books suck -- so, I think we're going to end up writing a logic textbook together...

What's actually pretty cool is that NG has a bunch of logic problems already written -- so, I suppose I can start writing while she finishes her dissertation... hmmmmm....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GOOD addition!

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