Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick update...

  • Classes are going well -- my logic students are kicking butt -- and my ethics students are humming along just fine.
  • Today we talk about stripping in ethics -- always fun.
  • I've lost 54 lbs since June -- exercise and eating less... the boring way..
  • I've joined the gym FB and I go most days. I alternate treadmill and weights -- and am feeling stronger all the time.
  • Hubby's doing well in law school, as expected.
  • Super-Mom's in Flordia for the winter -- although, we haven't really had winter here yet :).
  • The Queen and the Minion are having a complex relationship lately -- lots of spats and lots of cuddles...
  • The hardbound copies of my dissertation arrived -- it's really, really official -- I'm Dr. ItPF... amazing.


Seeking Solace said...

Sounds like life in the Philosphy Factory is going quite well. Cheers to you!!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow! that's a lot of weight--and a lot of credentials behind your name!

Breena Ronan said...

Want to tell us Seven Random Things?

Anonymous said...

I'm an exercise junkie, but it doesn't always have to be boring (though I consider running road races and training for a half-marathon and the NYC marathon to be fun)!

Now that the free ice rink has opened up, I try to go once a week after work for an hour or so. Talk about a good workout and it's always a blast to watch the kamikaze toddlers take out the shaky-kneed adults. :) I've also gotten into MMA fighting (but right now it just doesn't make financial sense to pay for those anymore) because it's a blast, and the the MMA guys, who are basically weaponized at this point, are some of the coolest people ever.

I do the "normal" training too because you kinda have to, but even just switching one day out for something fun can break up the monotony of it. :)

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