Sunday, November 14, 2010

A new blog... and a link that works..

So, FB and I decided to start a blog... leftyconcarne

We're going to talk about food, life, politics and whatever comes into our twisted little minds as we navigate life, love and the internet.

Come give us some love -- or, at least put us in your reader... please.

bonus --we refer to one another by our first names -- so, you can figure out that much :).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick update...

  • Classes are going well -- my logic students are kicking butt -- and my ethics students are humming along just fine.
  • Today we talk about stripping in ethics -- always fun.
  • I've lost 54 lbs since June -- exercise and eating less... the boring way..
  • I've joined the gym FB and I go most days. I alternate treadmill and weights -- and am feeling stronger all the time.
  • Hubby's doing well in law school, as expected.
  • Super-Mom's in Flordia for the winter -- although, we haven't really had winter here yet :).
  • The Queen and the Minion are having a complex relationship lately -- lots of spats and lots of cuddles...
  • The hardbound copies of my dissertation arrived -- it's really, really official -- I'm Dr. ItPF... amazing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Transitions are tricky times... the leaves are coming off the trees, the weather is changing drastically and things are a bit unsettled.

Super-mom is now officially off to Florida for the winter, just in time.

My students are starting to realize that their past work is limiting their future grades -- and that they still have a lot to do.

I'm probably catching a cold -- which sucks, but once you've had chemo, a cold is nothing...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Packing it up...

... my dissertation materials, that is.

My home office has been a shambles for a while... I realized how long it's been a mess when I saw that my desk pad calendar started with August 1 (btw, the first time FB and I had coffee was noted there... hmmm).

So, I cleaned up and packed away my dissertation paperwork. It feels good.

I left out my current project on cyber warfare, but the rest of it is in a box in the corner -- where it belongs.

I also reviewed my feminist epistemology paper from a few years ago -- I'm presenting it at a faculty brown bag next week -- and I was happy to see that the argument actually makes sense, even three years after I submitted it to fulfill Ph.D. requirements... YEA!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny how things wok out...

I had dinner with someone who needs a psuedonym..

For now we'll call her New Girl... she's a new member of our department... and she's pretty cool.

She's from another part of the country -- and she's loving the fall leaves.... she's also looking forward to winter, which is refreshing around here.

Last night we had Vietnamese food -- (our server was the restaraunt owner's daughter -- and a former student who remembered me from 6 years ago :) .

Afterward, we saw an intersting philosophy lecture at a local SLAC -- which got us thinking and talking on the way home..

Perhaps the best part is that I found out that NG loves, loves, loves to write logic problems. I hate, hate, hate to write logic problems -- but, I don't have a problem writing logic text. We agree that the current logic books suck -- so, I think we're going to end up writing a logic textbook together...

What's actually pretty cool is that NG has a bunch of logic problems already written -- so, I suppose I can start writing while she finishes her dissertation... hmmmmm....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A fun, relaxing Tuesday...

.. so far I've:

gone back to bed for a nap
texted with my buddies
graded some on-line quizzes
sent an e-mail, but haven't checked my school e-mail..
read some blogs and facebook
met FB's parents and watched him bake an apple pie
played with some dogs
shared a subway sandwich with FB
drank a chi tea latte fusion

FB is doing some business now -- and after a while we're gonna go workout...
then, maybe a burger?

not a bad way to spend a Tuesday ---eh?

Thursday, October 07, 2010

On conferences, workouts and life...

A good friend/colleague and I went to a local big-idea conference. It was lots of fun to go, listen to the best speakers and just think and learn. It wasn't in either of our "fields", but we kept finding interesting things about both the presentations and the presenters... lots to think about.

At the conference I met a really fun old-friend of my colleague.... I eventually told her that I had a mastectomy, pointed out the breast form and she asked to touch it... it cracked me up... nobody else has done that...

I've also joined a gym -- the same gym as FB... he's been working out for a while and persuaded me that I really do need to join him -- so, I did. It should be fun --and he'll keep me on track.

Today FB is coming my direction to talk to someone at BNCC about their program. I know he'll be a good fit in it... and I hope he's settled on doing it. It would be a postitive move in his life -- and in the end I know he'll be fantastic at the job.

I'm also stunned that I'm about half way done with the on-line grading stuff for my hybrid class... we're in week 7 of 13... can you believe it? There's more at the end... for some stupid reason we have a 16 week semester... plus final's week... (who thought that up??) -- but, so far I've been caught up on grading all along... which is pretty impressive given how much I've been out of town, playing and generally not paying attention to work :).